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Aniruddha Nazre Entrepreneur Laws

 - Aniruddha Nazre
2017 saw another year in the increase of corporate investing in startups across the globe. $31.2B was invested across 1791 deals in 2017. The secular trend is an increasing appetite for risk among corporates as they make bets across a large number of strategic areas -- e-commerce for retail, autonomous navigation for car manufacturers, fintech for the traditional financial services companies or artificial intelligence and machine learning for the overall tech sector.The decision to take money from CVCs or institutional VCs needs careful consideration from an entrepreneur.

As much as CVCs tout their ability to company building, they would rather hire the top talent themselves than let their portfolio companies. Also, most CVCs just don’t have the same panoply of professionals that help their portfolio companies in recruiting top talent.
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CVCs can open doors to their internal business groups which can be helpful for startups to se…

Aniruddha nazre

Aniruddha Nazre - CSO and EVP Digital Media Services Reliance Industries Pvt Ltd. Before SAP, Aniruddha Nazre worked for six years in the medical equipment industry, first in Zimmer, Inc., Bristol Myers and a division of Squib and then in Mathis AG (Synthes) in Switzerland. During this time, he managed to develop many new product lines and received 7 American and four European patents. Originally from Pune,  Aniruddha Nazre had his schooling at St. Vincent's High School, and then graduated from COEP in Mechanical Engineering with BE in Mechanical Engineering in 1986, where Nazre Aniruddha Nazre University was the gold medalist. After completing MS degree in Biomechanics from Michigan Technological University, he completed his doctoral degree in biomechanics from Hanover Medical Center in Germany. After years of working in engineering, product management and business development, he completed an MBA from Harvard Business School. Some remarkable investments made during his tenure in KP…