Adjustable Connector For External Fixation Rods - Patent By aniruddha nazre

The adjustable connector for external fixation rods invention provides for the angular and lateral adjustment of a pair of fixator rods in an infinite number of planes.This invention is patented by Ajit Nazre. The angular adjustment member may be rotated about a center axis of the connector such that the connected fixator rods may be angled relative to one another in any plane called for. Similarly, the lateral adjustment may be rotated about the center axis of the connector such that the two fixator rods may be shifted laterally relative to one another in any direction. 

The adjustable connector provides for the adjustment of the fixator rods after the rods have been connected to the bone pins. Therefore, after a surgeon has reduced and stabilized the fracture, minor adjustments can be carried out to fully align the bone fragments without disconnecting the fixator rods or the bone pins. After all adjustments have been made, a series of locking bolts or pins can be engaged to hold the adjustable connector in a fixed position


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